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Volunteers and veterinary students help us greatly with the daily work at our shelter. The work with the animals is very fulfilling but also demanding, especially during the hot season. If you really love animals and are willing to put your own comfort behind the sake of the animals during your stay, then you will have a wonderful time at CDR.

New volunteers must be 20 years or older. For veterinary students, the minimum age is 18 years. You need to be in an excellent health condition (no physical problems, no allergy towards donkeys, horses, cats, dogs, dust, etc.) and you must have your own insurance policy. The minimum stay is two weeks. Great compassion for animals and the wish to help the old and abandoned is a must! A good knowledge of the English language is necessary as well.

How to apply?
Please first read the information sheet thoroughly to find out if a volunteering at Corfu Donkey Rescue could be something for you. Then fill in the application form for volunteers or the application form for students and send it to CDR.

Please click here for the most asked questions about volunteering at CDR.

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