Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions have their answer in the info sheet. Read it intensively, please...
How do I get from the airport to the accommodation "The Achilleas"?
We suggest our volunteers to take a taxi from the airport to the pension.
Follow the instructions in the info sheet.
Will my room be cleaned every day?
Do I have to bring my own sheets and towels?
Do I have a kitchen at the pension?
How about the cleaniness of my room?
How about the cleaniness of the kitchen?
Where can I go if I have questions or complaints regarding the accommodation?
Do I have warm water in the bathroom?
Do I have wifi in my room?
Can I find tavernas and bars close to the pension?
Can I get a breakfast buffet, dinner and drinks at the pension?
How far is it from the Achilleas to the shelter? How do I get there?
Can I cook my lunch at CDR?
Will you serve me free breakfast and lunch when I am volunteering at CDR?
Is there a possibility to do camping at the shelter?
Can I bring my own animals to CDR?
Bringing your own pets is not possible.
Do you have internet at the stable?
Do I have to work on the weekends?
Can I decide when I want my days-off?
When I come with a friend/partner, do we have common days off?
What are my tasks at CDR?
Does your animals have sicknesses and do I need special vaccination?
What are my working hours?
What clothes should I bring?
Can I bring my kids while volunteering?
I want to be a „Flugpate“ on my way back. Who can I talk to about it?
Is there a hospital near by?
How far is it to the beach?
Are there sandy beaches?
Are there busses at the island of Corfu?

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