A day at the
Corfu Donkey Rescue

The donkeys are divided into two sections:
  • The stable area, which houses the donkeys requiring very close observation and intensive care;
    the stables also make up part of the section for our blind donkeys, which require their own, safe space
  • The tent area, which houses the donkeys in better condition or have minor ailments.
Each of our volunteers takes part in the daily duties, based on their experience

For example:

• Food preparation (some donkeys need a special diet)

• Administering medication

• Cleaning stalls and pasture hygiene

• Providing fresh hay/bedding and water throughout the day

• General observation and daily grooming

• Cleaning and feeding of the other animals (dogs, cats, chickens)

• Walking the CDR-dogs

Despite this being predominantly husbandry focused placement, there is ample opportunity each day to help with clinical aspects, when there is interest in this matter.

Some of these activities include:

• Flushing and cleaning wounds

• Cleaning, bandaging and monitoring improvement of donkeys with hoof injuries

• Administering specialised medications

• Creating protective padding for donkeys suffering injuries

The summer is a busy period for the shelter. There are many tourists who visit the Corfu Donkey Rescue – tourists need to be shown around and told about the Corfu Donkey Rescue and donkeys.

Corfu Donkey Rescue
Corfu, Greece
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