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Although there are still donkeys on Corfu that have to work very hard, the use of the donkeys on the island is rapidly declining. Many donkeys have become useless for their owner and were supposed to be sold to the Italian meat market. Our main goal over the years has been to stop the exports by taking in the old, injured and sick donkeys and care for them.
Our greatest concern is the well-being of our donkeys. 

At Corfu Donkey Rescue we do everything possible to give the donkeys a peaceful life and a retirement in dignity. Therefore we bought a piece of land that is beautifully located in the nature, surrounded by olive trees and the mountains of Corfu.

The donkeys at CDR are brought in by their owners, donkey dealers, or found by people who contact us to help out. The donkeys are old and often sick or injured. The donkeys that come to CDR are here for the remainder of their lives. Although we are a donkey rescue, some cats and dogs are taken in on the discretion of the committee only.

Corfu Donkey Rescue runs on gifts and donations. A donkey costs 2.000 € to care for annually; this does not include costs such as veterinary fees. Food is the main cost. For more information about donation, refer to our Donation Information.

We Offer Our Donkeys:

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  • Retirement with friends and freedom from all worries and fears
  • Plenty to eat and fresh water to drink
  • A safe and comfortable place to sleep
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  • Love, cuddles, care and attention as much as they ask for
  • Medical treatment, regular visit by dentists and ferriers
  • Humane euthanasia and comfort when it is time to die

Corfu Donkey Rescue
Corfu, Greece
E-Mail: corfudonkey@gmail.com

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