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A great way to support our work is by adopting one of our donkeys. We have many of our friends available for you to adopt and although you won't be able to take them home with you, you will receive a picture and a certificate of your chosen donkey along with regular updates on their progress. An adopted donkey makes a great gift for loved ones or friends and if you supply the dates we will make sure your gift arrives just in time.
The adoption fee is at least 90 Euros or 76 GBP sterling a year.

Of course, this may be paid on a monthly basis if you prefer. In order to get your certificate please write (preferably in English) to
In all cases of correspondence please be sure to send your full name, postal address and email and name of the chosen donkey.
To make vital savings on administration and postage costs your certificate and updates will be emailed to you.

Please know that your support is valued enormously. 

If you have questions or you need more information, please email Julie thru the Contact Form

Thank you.
We are very happy and grateful for every donkey that found its way to our sanctuary. In the following picture gallery, you find a selection of our loved-ones who will be happy to be adopted by you.

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